Monday, June 2, 2014

Where to begin?!?!

I am not sure where to begin, there is so much that can be said. So many stories...... Stories of tragedy and triumph, of joy and sorrow, of pain and healing, of desperation and inspiration. That being said....over the next few weeks I will be sharing random events, memories, and keys to victory I have personally experienced. Some will be things everyone knows and others will be things God has done for me personally. I have had the privilege of experiencing many things in this life and hope my experiences can reach one who needs to hear it most. 

~People....God puts many different people in our lives. Each one to make a difference, meet a need or fulfill a specific void. We can meet these people almost anywhere. Church, work, family, where we shop or eat and yes online, Facebook, Twitter, google etc..... Some of these people will be a part of your life for a moment while others a lifetime. But be assured each one has a purpose and not necessarily for you.....they may be in your life for them. Through the weeks ahead I hope to introduce you to many of the people who have touched my life.


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